Monday, January 30, 2012


Class Picnic Patapsco State Park
Pickall 708 12noon-6PM Sunday May 20, 2012 potluck

Who can be there at noon with some of these?
 charcoal, lighterfluid, ice, garbage bags, utensils for grill, utensils for personal plates, plates and bowls

Directions and map

We did picnics at Pickall 708 in 2010 and 2009

There is a roof so there is no need for a rain date.

Let's discuss there if we want to rent a hall for a reunion on the 45th in 2013 or wait for the 50th2018 

Alcohol allowed. I paid for the alcohol permit

Bill Bryant brought home brew shine to give out 2 years ago. 
People should let us know if they are coming so people who haven't seen you in forever will also come.

Committee includes me, Barbara Schiff Solomon Black, who will publicize through the internet, and Dr. Sue Sigelman Horn who is retired and will call those for whom we have phone numbers, hint hint. Make sure we have info on you that is up to date.

New members for the committee are welcome to pipe up. Haven't had a meeting yet.

Barb Schiff Solomon Black  410-790-9771

Sue Sigelman Horn 410-461-9564

Dave Slesinger 410-499-5403 I'll be there if I'm not dead, in the hospital or in jail.

Please let Sue know if you will contact anyone on your own, to cut down her calls.

 Agreed to attend or try to attend so far
David Slesinger
Dr Susan Sigelman Horn 
Barbara Schiff Solomon Black 
W Earl Garman
Mike Metzger
Mindy Milstein
Calvin Ginnavan
David Gertman
Alan Tabackman
Jeff Schimberg
maxine jacobs goldblum

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